The Beginning

ecigarettes-womenA very good friend of mine was telling me about e cigarettes last night while we ate lunch. I have known him for nearly 30 years and in that time I have never seen him without a cigarette. So it was a bit of a surprise when he took out one of those new e-cigs and started puffing on it. When he seen the way I was staring at him he burst into laughter.

So he then tells me that both he and his wife had given up smoking a couple of weeks earlier, and both were using each other for backup. He said that neither of them had smoked a proper cigarette since they gave up, and with these hi-tech e-cigs, he said that it was pretty easy.

The reason behind the decision to give up was the fact that their daughter announced that she was pregnant, and it would be their first grandchild. Wanting to make sure that they were involved in the child’s life for as long as possible, they realized that giving up smoking would be a great step.

I am made up for both of them, and it also means I will probably be seeing my mate for years to come.

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