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What are the most popular music festivals around the world?

Coachella still reigns supreme as one of the most popular festivals that caters for those that love all sorts of music. The event has a hippie atmosphere and attracts the most weird and wonderful of people from around the globe. A blend of indie and electronic acts perform through out the event and showcase their music to over 650,000 spectators. The festival is based in California and holds over 150 acts through out six stages. music

Gaining a cult following as one of the weirdest music festivals on the planet, the burning man festival is based in a large desert every year and caters for the most hardcore of music and performance lovers. The crowd tend to consist of futuristic hippie punks that wish to see the latest and most cutting edge live music entertainment. However, the event is also just as good for those that want to explore the vast open space that Burning Man is based in. The event is held in the Black Rock dessert, which is approximately 120 miles away from Nevada.

The Ultra music festival in Miami is one of the fast selling electronic music events in the world and caters for over 300,000 music lovers from around the globe. The festival is part of the Miami Winter Music Conference and has developed from a two day event into a three day festival. The festival is also good for the tourist trade as it brings a large number of people into the city who all require accommodation for the festival.

One of the largest music festivals in the world is that of the Mawazine in Rabat, Morocco. The event caters for over 2.5 million visitors and this increases every year. The festival is known for having a large selection of African singers but also brings in mega stars to lead on the main stage. Big names over the years have included Rhianna, Lionel Richie and Whitney Housten, among others.